What I Want

I want to write, I want to go,
I want to be warm, I want it to snow.
I want to be young and think it’s okay,
I want to wear pink, I want to play.
I wanna be fast, I wanna be fit.
I want to fly and always have wit.
I want to control what goes on in my life,
I wanna get married, I wanna be a wife.
I wanna be good, I wanna be bad,
I want to be happy and cry when I’m sad.
I wanna be together, I wanna be fine,
I want him to know I’m happy he’s mine.
I want to keep going and I wanna end,
I want to know what’s around the next bend.
I wanna be tickled, I wanna have fun,
I wanna know which battles I’ve won.
I want to be known between here and there,
I wanna know exactly what to wear.
I want to be successful, I want to have time,
I want to be Wonder Woman and go to fight crime.
I want to go travel, I want to take him too,
I want to have money, I wanna be through.
I wanna be romanced, I wanna be thought of,
But most of all, I want to be loved.

– Ariel Strasser


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