Period playlist: Sunday bloody Sunday

Once a month, women are visited by a little red friend. It’s often not your friend. More often than not. Some days it’s your enemy. It changes the way you feel, the way you walk, what you eat, how often you use the bathroom, and sometimes how you act (I’m going to say right now I don’t think PMS is a real thing. It’s valid to be grumpy if you’re soaking in your own juice, sorry or the graphic image. Stop reading now if you’re grossed out ‘cuz it’s gonna get better). Yes, I’m talking about that time of the month when females of the homosapien nature howl at the moon: menstruation. And here’s a period playlist to make your week a little bit more comfortable.

Queen Elsa period playlist

Gasp! Oh no! I said it! Here, I’ll say it again: GIRLS GET A BLOODY RED PERIOD EVERY MONTH! There. Are we all comfortable now? Good. Sufficiently uncomfortable is okay too. Bloody hell…

If it happens to all of us gals, why does it affect us differently? Well naturally we’re all different, right? Some girls get cramps, others get floods, others just have a little freckling. Is it safe to say that we all about our periods differently? Maybe.


Back when mine started I felt dizzy, achy, and barfy. It was the worst. Thinking back it’s actually gotten better between now and then, but I still don’t like my monthly drizzle. I would often call in sick to work (at that time it was just a part-time job) and need to stay home from school to puke up my stomach every hour for the first few days of the week. Towards the end I was fine, but the first few had very flu-like symptoms. This progressed for quite a few years, never improving.

Once I started taking birth control things did improve. Not only was the red tent a sign that I wasn’t pregnant (score), but I didn’t dread it every month. My pain stopped, my puking stopped, and everything seemed to move along faster than usual (yep, I mean everything).

I was really nervous to start taking birth control, though, because my Nana had told me she gained a whole bunch of weight from using it. I like to think that medicine has improved since the 1970s. Anyways, after I reluctantly started taking it, occasionally missing a day and making up for it a day later, I felt a lot better.

The moral of the story: don’t be afraid to take birth control to keep your life how you want it (child-free). You can also take it to regulate your TOM and prevent stabbing pains in your gut, throwing up, and bloating. Will this work for everyone? Probably not. We’re all different.

For the next time your red rose blooms, here’s a friendly period playlist for you to eat chocolate Smarties ice cream with maple syrup and whipped cream and a banana to, while complaining to your sister over the phone about your miserable state of life.

Here’s your period playlist

Bloody Sunday from arielstrasser on 8tracks Radio.

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  1. Hahaha awesome post. I get bad symptoms too … maybe I should go back to taking birth control pills. FYI – avoid drinking and eating cold fluids/foods a week before and during your period. And no caffeine during … it helps. A lot. Works for me.

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