How to put on a duvet cover (easily!) 

What’s almost as difficult as folding a fitted sheet, maybe worse?  Getting a duvet into a duvet cover. Here are 7 steps to do it quickly and easily AND have the corners all line up right. 🛏️

This post is for Sarah Janes. I don’t know if this method is more effective than yours, but it works for me. My brother’s girlfriend Visha showed this to me. Hope it helps! 

  1. Evenly lay out the duvet on the bed sans cover. 
  2. Lay out the duvet cover INSIDE Out on top of the duvet. The surface you want to face up should face down right now. Line up the corners and edges with the duvet. 
  3. Roll up the duvet from top to bottom. The bottom edge should be the side with buttons/a zipper. 
  4. Pull the duvet up a little higher on the bed to roll down the rest of the way. Grab the bottom corner of the duvet from the outside surface of the duvet cover (now inside out).
  5. Tuck the entire duvet rolled up duvet into the bottom of the duvet cover, like a burrito.
  6. Line up the corners of the bottom of the duvet and UNROLL! 
  7. Voila! Done. 

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