Ariel Strasser

Dear First Year Me

I remember my move-in day five years ago (yes, I’m that old)…

It didn’t hit me that I was moving out for good. I was excited, nervous, happy, and sad all at the same time. The entire 3 hour drive from my hometown to McMaster I cried in the back seat of my parents van; filled with boxes, totes, and stuffed animals. Leaving home also meant starting a long-term long distance relationship with my boyfriend. And we’re still together.

I didn’t know anybody at McMaster, I had only ever been here once for a tour, and I was nervous about living with someone I had never met before. I learned a lot about myself (what I like, what my limits are), about other people, and of course I learned a few things from my actual courses during my Undergrad.

Welcome week was amazing. You meet so many people, make so many friends (whether or not you think you will!), and you will remember these 8 days for the rest of your life. Okay, maybe you won’t remember every second of every day, but you’ll remember the moments that really move you. You’ll remember how you felt when you stood proud with your residence or faculty, cheering across a field at the others.

Welcome week may go by as a blur. Try to savour every moment of it. This week is for you. It is to welcome YOU, Class of 2019 to McMaster. And the rest of us can’t WAIT for you to get here and make some noise with us!

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