How to keep your mind when everything changes

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been going through a lot of change. I have a new job, I’m living somewhere new, I’m in a new environment altogether. That’s not to say that I’m uncomfortable with the change, although it may have been awkward at times at the beginning. I’m thankful that my family is willing to put up with my antics for month or so and that I have somewhere to work and feel fulfilled. At the same time I really miss Jeff and I miss having somewhere quiet to escape to. I miss privacy, something I always take for granted. I’m also thankful that I have Phoenix here with me through all of this.

This is how I’ve managed to keep my head on straight through all of this change.


Reflect on the past, present, and future. πŸ’­ But not right before bed. I like to do this right when I get home from work (while I’m taking off my makeup, changing, cooking, whatever).

Practice some breathing techniques. πŸ’¨ Slowing your heart rate and concentrating on your breath will relax and sooth your body.

Meditate.πŸ‘Œ To build on my previous point, staying still and physically relaxing your body is also soothing. Listen to the sounds of your new environment and take time to reflect.

Treat yourself to a massage. πŸ’† You might regret it the day after but then it will be so worth it.

Have a pack of Advil handy. πŸ’’ Headaches are sometimes unavoidable.

Drink lots of water. πŸ’§ It helps to keep everything “regular.”

Stay curious. πŸ™‹ You’re exploring somewhere new, meeting new people, putting yourself outside of your comfort zone every day.

Don’t get too curious. πŸ™… People will start to question your commitment to what you’re starting.

Plan ahead, but take each day one at a time. πŸ“…

Sort out your finances and establish a budget.πŸ’°Financial wellness is part of the battle to mindfulness.

Talk it out. πŸ‘₯ It’s nice to have someone who will listen to your problems. It’s also comforting to complain about your problems.

Pamper yourself. πŸ’…πŸ›€ Cut your nails, tweeze your eyebrows, pop those giant blackheads and clean out that earwax.

Search for inspiration. 🎠 Some people like to search for quotes, some people take photos or create art. What works for you?

Know that it is only temporary.

Eat healthy. 🍩 But go buy that donut if you’ve been really craving it. You deserve it for your resilience.

Stay organized. πŸ“‹ When all of your things are in bags and you know where nothing is, it’s tough to find anything.

Keep a journal. βœοΈπŸ“” Negative feelings need to escape somehow

Think of 3 things that you’re thankful for. Let that ground you.

Puppy therapy! πŸ•

Go for a walk. πŸ‘£ Get some fresh air and expose yourself to the elements.

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