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You may notice that ~200 of my blog posts have disappeared.

If you’ve read my about page, you’ll know that I’ve had this blog for quite a while. It wasn’t always called Ariel Coverage, and it wasn’t always a true blog. From the early 2000s (when I find the exact date of blog-birth, I’ll let you know) until now, my blog has existed on Geocities, tumblr, Blogger (by Google), and now WordPress. I can sincerely say that this has so far been the best platform. Full customization, because I own my domain and host my site through GoDaddy.

Please keep in mind as you read this, that when my blog started, blogging itself was in its infancy. There was no WordPress, no tumblr, no MySpace, and, specifically when I was using tumblr, there was no Pinterest. I think that, as other platforms developed and I grew older, the use of my blog shifted. Here’s the story of my blog, from conception to present.

Geocities by Yahoo blog

First I had a Yahoo Geocities website (I’m really showing my age now). Back when it was popular to have little square animated GIFs, all lined up and spaced evenly? It always threw me off when I’d get a sweet rectangular one. Geocities played a big role in me learning to code as I grew up. I didn’t do it because the code was exhilarating, but because I wanted my little Geocities page to look amaaaazing. And it did. I had music playing in the background, a custom cursor with a sparkly trail behind it, a funky background that stayed stationary as you scrolled, and even a custom scrollbar colour! My goodness, how web design has evolved since the early 2000s. I had a different page for images that I found all over the internet that tickled my fancy. And when you clicked them, the image would magnify. I was thoroughly impressed with my ability to find the right bit of code and customize it to do what I wanted.

Here I took a break for a while. Probably being a kid and trying to fit in / pass high school. I think I started a myspace page, but I’m not a band, so that didn’t work out. It looked beautiful though. Very grunge. Much wow.

tumblr blog

In my first year of university at McMaster, my communications professor commissioned us (without pay of course, we paid him) to create a tumblr blog to post our assignments. This was the first year of Avenue2Learn, for those who are familiar with the Mac systems, so some professors weren’t comfortable with its features yet. We had to write 3 blog posts. The guidelines were really rough, so I picked ideas out of the air and from news headlines, researched them, wrote about them, and slapped an image on top. I must have done okay, I came out the other end with a degree… so.

I explored tumblr a little, enjoyed the social aspects of it, the way I could search for images to “like” and share to my own blog. It was sort of like my old Geocities page, except with less page customization needed. What customizations I did to my theme were in the absurd “tumblr” coding language: seemingly a combination of HTML, CSS, PHP and shortcodes. I didn’t want to fight with it, so eventually I just used an out-of-the-box theme.

tumblr blog’s lifespan

I stayed on tumblr for 3-4 years, liking, reblogging, and occasionally (but rarely) posting original content. It fell to the sidelines often, with my schoolwork trumping everything in my life. Even sleep sometimes. But I do love my sleep, so apart from my housemates and family I had a limited social life in school. You can only have 2 of sleep, good marks, and social life. I made my choices. No ragrets.

Aaand I’m back on topic. So one day, scrolling through my tumblr feed, and also learning of the pleasures of imgur/Reddit, I discovered that tumblr was the depressed outcast child of the family and decided to abandon it. I don’t like cats, I have no intentions of cutting myself, I don’t wear weird hats…. Don’t get me wrong, there are some nice corners of tumblr that I still appreciate. But when you stumble upon that dark, deathly corner that is most of tumblr, infested with cats, it’s time to shut off the computer and go to bed haha.

Blogger by Google

I decided to port all of my tumblr posts from the previous years to a new platform. I chose Blogger because I avidly use Gmail and Google Calendar. How I expected this would work out, I have no clue. Blogger seemed to be as popular as Google Plus (side note, why is Google Plus even a thing still?).

I probably stayed with Blogger for a month. Not even. I didn’t like the platform, I didn’t like the CMS, the themes, the level of customization, and I was already familiar with WordPress. So, naturally, I switched to WordPress and deleted my Blogger blog.

WordPress blog

I researched how to port my posts from Blogger to WordPress, pretty easy with a simple plugin. I bought my own domain ( and thanks to Danica Patrick’s sponsor ( — damn that lime green colour is catchy — I set myself up with simple web hosting.

Now that I’m aiming for a certain standard for my blog posts, more text than images + original content + opinionated content, I felt the need to go back through all my old posts, ported over from tumblr and blogger, and remove them. They’re not gone for good, just unpublished. They don’t make sense, with the new purpose of Ariel Coverage.

I tried to redirect my ArielCoverage posts to tumblr with IFTTT, but I didn’t see the value in that, other than plastering the internet with photos of my dog. I’m sure a certain audience would appreciate that. Again, it didn’t make sense. So, lucky for you, I stopped.

Today’s blog

It breaks my heart a little because with every image are a few memories of what happened at that point in my life. I’m considering doing a “this was my blog on tumblr” post, with a full gallery of the images I’ve collected, labelled by date. We’ll see… might be a little pointless. More nostalgic than anything.

Maybe I’ll just start using tumblr again? Solely for the porpoise of liking and reblogging pretty pictures, finding inspiration for my creative writing (someday I will share some).

So that’s the story of my blog. On January 1, 2017 my blog turns 6 (not including Geocities, because I have no idea when that started). I’ve had this blog for over 1/5 of my life! So weird.

Thanks for reading! – Ariel

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