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Ariel Strasser

Hi! I'm Ariel, and this is my blog! It's actually the 4th iteration... first came Geocities, then Tumblr, then Blogger, and now here I am.... on WordPress!

Moi. Me. Myself.

I grew up in Barrie, an hour north of Toronto and an hour south of cottage country; a fast-growing city with a small-town feeling. I lived within walking distance of my high school, downtown, and the mall. I found a similar feeling at McMaster where everything I needed was conveniently close to home.

I took a year after graduating high school to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I still don’t know, but I get closer every day. With a passion for language, visual arts and media, I decided that marketing was my destined career path. Since April 2014, when I graduated from McMaster with a B.A. Honours Communication Studies, I’ve been searching for ways to upgrade my skills, find my niche, and keep learning. Along the way I’ve discovered what I enjoy and started learning "how to adult,” one of the many necessary life skills for post-graduate survival.

My professional work involves curating social media conversations and taking design ideas from conceptualization to materialization.

I’m a web designer, blogger, social media addict, guitarist, full-time commuter, and home decor fanatic. In my spare time you can find me either sleeping, with my nose in a book, on Pinterest or watching HGTV planning my next project, walking my dog, or in Simcoe/Muskoka visiting home. One of the best decisions I made in my undergrad was to start working part-time. You never know how far your connections can take you. Think big, dream bigger. Someday you’ll find your passion.

(This was originally written for my "Getting to Know the SSC" post on the Student Success Centre Facebook fan page.)

11 things you might not know about me:

  • I'm a planning-ahead, organize my closet, list person. But not one of those agenda-holding, colour stickered organization-giddy people.
  • I'm also an artist, so I like things to have flow, balance and harmony.
  • My previous two traits contradict each other, and I struggle with this every day.
  • I am a Pokémon friend.
  • Playing Lord of the Rings Online with my sister Sarah is one of my guilty pleasures. And watching the movies over and over.
  • When its quiet, I enjoy reading fantasy novels. Now that I'm not in school, I have much more "quiet time" to spare.
  • I enjoy mentoring other people, but it embarasses me when people look up to me.
  • The only kinds of tea I like are English Breakfast and Orange Pekoe. Despite this, I call myself a tea lover.
  • I play guitar, in fact I have two. When I was in high school I played the oboe in 4 different bands. In 2010, I went to band camp.
  • My boyfriend, Jeff, is the love of my life. I enjoy spoiling him, particularly with my home cooking experiments.
  • My dog, Phoenix is 5 years old and I still call her my puppy.

About Ariel Coverage

My blog originally started in 2010 with Tumblr posts for one of my university courses. As it turned out I quite enjoyed Tumblr throughout my time at McMaster. I reblogged a lot of pictures, liked and shared a lot of posts, and collected a four-year archive of "blog posts." For the most part, there was little creativity involved. I am, however, a creative person with a wild imagination. I dream almost every night. Can you say the same?

I want to be a better writer. In fact, there are a lot of things that I want. Finding out what I enjoy, and what I like has been a journey on its own.

Since April 2014, when I received my Bachelor of Arts in Honours Communication Studies, I've been searching for ways to upgrade my skills, get ahead of the pack, and keep learning. Along the way, I've more learned what I don't enjoy, than what I do. As an aspiring PR/marketing professional, I try to keep things positive. Considering this, I'm challenged to describe my career aspirations.

This blog, it seems, is about self-exploration. It's about finding what I enjoy, sharing my talent, and experimenting with design.

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  • Web and graphic design
  • Communications and marketing

Photo cred to Matt Clarke (mattmclarke.com)