10 signs that you’re infatuated with him

  1. You make excuses for his flaws, even though you can’t get over them either. In fact, you think about them all the time. But then that makes you think about him all the time…
  2. Everything, I mean everything┬áreminds you of him. Okay it’s physically impossible to be thinking about someone 24/7, but things that other people say, things you see, or places you go remind you of him. There is no escape!

  1. Your stomach sinks every time you see him. You think it’s love, but girl, those are just hormones. You get the same feeling at other times…because of your hormones. That chill running down your back and up your neck at the same time. Yep, hormones.
  2. Even if he’s rejected you, you still pursue him. Perhaps you are a little passive aggressive about it, but that makes it much more fun. Do you look a little crazy when you’re around him?
  3. He always smells amazing. His hair is always perfect. Even though you hate his sense of style, he fascinates you to the point where you’re nearly drooling when he takes his shirt off.
  4. He occupies 10/15 pages of your diary. His name may have hearts around it, you may have your name fantasized with his surname. When you feel like you can’t talk to anybody about him because they’re sick of hearing about him, your diary will always listen.
  5. You sometimes act like a stalker, but you’re actually just researching his interests so you can get to know him better.
  6. He’s “totally my type.” If having a type hasn’t worked out for you yet, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your “type.”
  7. You want to be with him every waking moment. When you can’t be with him, you’re itching to contact him at every waking moment. You feel like you belong with him, and you constantly want to be with him.
  8. You think you’re in love.

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