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30 reasons why I won’t miss McMaster and Hamilton

Goodbye Hamilton, Hello London! I’ve worked at McMaster since April 2012. I’ve worked 1 Work/Study job (part-time during school, full-time in the summer), 1 Teaching Assistant position (so much marking!), 4 contracts in Human Resources, and 1 contract with the Student Success Centre. That’s 7 different jobs. In 4.5 years! Does it count as continuity because it was with the same company? …

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The Build-Up: The Making of Water Cooler Gossip

I had the privilege of designing and launching the marketing and communications plan for the Water Cooler Gossip blog, a resurrected project made possible by the McMaster University Student Success Centre (SSC). It was a lot of fun. I was responsible for making the communications plan, plotting out goals and objectives, and setting the budget, responsibilities, timelines, and checkpoints.


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